#Coworking in The News

Here at The Corner, we are very grateful for the interest and support of the local media. We are lucky to have had a chance to speak about our new Student Memberships and the state of the industry, with The Cochrane Times & The Cochrane Eagle.

Cochrane’s main coworking facility is opening up a new offering aimed at post-secondary students.

The Corner Coworking team said the move is meant to coincide with the start of a new semester in which many post-secondary students will be doing much (or all) of their studies from home.


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Interest in The Corner Coworking piqued in September, Eaton said, adding that he believes this was a mix of students returning to school, parents looking for a workspace and other looking for a professional environment to work in while their offices remained closed.

Are you familiar with coworking?

You might know it from WeWork’s wacky corporate antics on the news, or from brands like Work Nicer, Assembly or Workhaus scattered about the city of Calgary.

Or maybe you know it from Cochrane’s own The Corner Coworking, on the eastern end of Railway Street.

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Big Thanks to Patrick Gibson & Chelsea Kemp for the insightful, supportive articles and imagery!


Mark A. Eaton
Founder, community builder & coworking catalyst