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Join Laura Bechard for an informative webinar that discusses these topics and more!

Will this be the year you make a positive difference in your cash flow, allowing you to enjoy more of the freedom you yearn for? When it comes to predicting your business’ cash flow, the past is much less important than what is likely to happen. One of the most important ways you can shape your business’s future is to create some recurring revenue. If you are a business that starts from scratch every month, you cannot see months or years into the future. It’s time for you to trade in the magnifying glass for binoculars!

Bring your lunch to discover how to take your collaborations to the next level. We’ll explore 5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Business Cash Flow.

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All ticket sales will be donated to local Cochrane Charities, including The Boys & Girls Club, Junior Achievement & the Cochrane Food Bank.

Laura Bechard is an experienced business, learning and change management professional with a unique background that combines finances and people. ProVision Business Advisors support clients to grow with proactive strategies, impactful routines and professional learning opportunities.

An award-winning MBA, Laura combines strong financial acumen (CPA) with the softer skills needed for entrepreneurs to lead, develop and manage people (M Ed).