Our story

As a remote worker back in 2016, I had a yearning to interact and connect with like-minded peers. Getting out of my home office from time-to-time was necessary, but the local cafes were just not that conducive to high levels of productivity. Good coffee, of course they have. Wi-Fi, privacy and security were another matter.

I went looking for a coworking space in Cochrane, as I had experienced the benefits of coworking on a few occasions previously. To my dismay we didn’t have one!

In July 2016, I started the Cochrane Coworking Community Meetup group. At our first event I met five local coworkers, some of whom are still active members. The group grew rapidly. Somewhere around 50 members, I knew we’d reached the tipping point and I set about determining the feasibility of creating our own space.

Working with some very smart people both locally and within the greater coworking community, we developed a business plan and found a location for local entrepreneurs and contractors to be inspired and to inspire others.

Almost 18 months after our very first Meetup, and approaching 160 members, we have an incredibly strong local community of business professionals seeking a place to connect and collaborate. And now we have a space in which they can do just that.