Who’s in YOUR Corner?

MARK A. Eaton – founder of the corner – coworking catalyst


As varied as telecommunications where Mark designed IVR systems to flipping burgers for a red-haired clown in Sweden, The Corner Coworking is a culmination of many experiences and careers. Originally from the ‘World’s Most Liveable City’, Mark moved to Canada in 2000 for winter sport and has made Cochrane his home for almost 10 years.

Why coworking?

As a remote worker back in 2016, Mark had a yearning to interact and connect with like-minded peers. Getting out of his home office from time-to-time was necessary, but the local cafes were just not that conducive to high levels of productivity. Good coffee, of course they have. Wi-Fi, privacy and security were another matter.

Mark went looking for a coworking space in Cochrane, as he’d experienced the benefits of coworking on a few occasions previously. To his dismay we didn’t have one!

In July 2016, Mark started the Cochrane Coworking Community Meetup group. At our first event he met five local coworkers, some of whom are still active members. The group grew rapidly. Somewhere around 50 members, Mark knew we’d reached the tipping point and set about determining the feasibility of creating our own space.

Working with some very smart people both locally and within the greater coworking community, we developed a business plan and found a location for local entrepreneurs and contractors to be inspired and to inspire others.

Two years after our very first Meetup, and approaching 170 members, we have an incredibly strong local community of business professionals seeking a place to connect and collaborate. And now we have a space in which they can do just that.

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Jesse Davidson – Drafting Your Design – Architectural Technologist

Jesse Davidson

Describe your business

I specialize in offering a vast array of building design services such as custom homes, renovations and commercial tenant improvements. From napkin sketches to building permit drawings, I help my clients bring even the most conceptual ideas to life.

My main philosophy is to achieve the best design that is both desirable and functional for your daily needs, whether it be at your home or workplace.

What problem do you solve for your clients?

As an architectural technologist, I provide my clients with the ability to customize their building plans to meet their personal needs and wishes. Taking this step in advance of engaging with a builder or contractor can result in a final product more closely aligned with the client’s vision.

Quality drawings can save both time and money. As a former Home Builder and Project Manager, I complete all of my projects knowing the detail that is needed for both customer satisfaction and construction ease.

What do you love about being an entrepreneur?

I enjoy the open-endedness of being able to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it. I have the flexibility to spend time with my family, which is really important to me.

There’s also something to be said about the challenge. It’s very rewarding to see the impact of my decisions on a daily basis.

What’s the value of coworking for you?

Collaborating; it’s motivating to be around other entrepreneurs who are running businesses in this town. It’s also a refreshing change of scenery to get out of my home office.

The Corner provides a professional environment at a fraction of the cost of a corporate office space. I have everything I need here – plus there’s Waffle Wednesdays!

Kelly Sinclair – KS Communications – PR & Marketing

Kelly Sinclair

Describe your business

I work with small business owners to bring their business dreams to life through marketing and communications. I am fuelled by the passion that entrepreneurs pour into their businesses and want to be part of that success story.

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re a veteran entrepreneur looking to take it to the next level, a solid communication and marketing strategy built around your unique business narrative, will serve as your pathway to success.

What problem do you solve for your clients?

Part of my role is to help businesses answer that exact question. Clearly understanding your unique offering helps to clarify the target market that benefits from it. Once you’re really clear about what you offer and who you serve, we identify what makes your business stand out from the competition. The communication part comes in when identifying where and how to reach key audiences with the messages we work together to develop.

What do you love about being an entrepreneur?

I get to make choices about the kind of work I do, and that way I only do the kind of work that excites me. I connect with my clients’ core values and get joy out of their success. In particular, I love working locally and supporting the community in which I live.

What’s the value of coworking for you?

While I like to think of myself as fairly self-disciplined, the mere act of paying for a space to work forces more focus. Additionally, working at home can get lonely, and I like interacting with my fellow coworkers. I enjoy creating new relationships and having the opportunity to bounce ideas around or get an opinion on something related to my business. Plus, there’s great coffee here … and waffles!